Gunasekara Childrens Home


Gunasekara Childrens Home, located near the capital of Colombo is a home for girls who for various reasons need protection and support. Around 20 girls between the ages of 5 to 18 are currently living at Gunasekara.

Gunasekara Childrens Home gets financial support form Sri Lanka Department of Probation and Childcare. This support is unfortunately not enough to finance all of Gunasekara’s costs and the difference is covered by donations. The Friends of the Children of Sri Lanka (Sri Lankas Barns Vänner) have been supporting Gunasekara Childrens Home for years and know the children’s home very well.

All the children at Gunasekara Childrens Home are attending nearby schools. However, they have limited access to getting help with their homework after school and there are only a few old computers available. Computers and computer knowledge is key for giving the children a chance at getting a good job in the future.

We want to support the girls at Gunasakera by setting up a brand new computer lab. Together with Gunasakera we have reach the following conclusion:

In addition to the equipment needed  a teacher will be recruited for a year to teach the children basic computer knowledge. The teacher will give two one hours classes a week, which will in total amount to 1000 € . 

The total cost for buying computers, equipment and paying a proper salary for a teacher during a year is this 4000€

Costs for the website, events, travels to Sri Lanka etc will be covered by the founders of Lankan Tech Kids. Every cent of the donations will go to giving the girls of Gunasekara Childrens Home access to technology.