August 2017

In August 2017, I visited Gunasakera Childrens Home. It was right before we started off the fundraise, and a great opportunity for us to get a deeper understanding for the home and the need for how in the best possibly way give the children education and access to technology.


Anoma showed me around at the home where around 20 girls live, all that for various reasons need protection and support. While the children are attending nearby schools, they have a classroom with study areas and a computer room where the volunteers at the home supports the children with their schoolwork. What limited the children at the home were that the computer room only had one computer that they all had to share. That the computer were from around 2005 did not make it a better foundation for making sure the children got experience and knowledge connected to technology. More computers were definitely needed, as well as internet connection and a person teaching them in the basics for using computers and internet.

The children at the home were really welcoming, and excited to share both Sri Lankan home made food as well as stories from their everyday lives at the home and what their future dreams and ambitions were. One of the volunteers at the home were brought up at the home, and are today studying at university to become a dentist. You could tell that she is as a great inspiration for the rest of the girls. Seeing the children and their energy, ambition and dreams, combined with the lack of technology, made it clear that Gunasakera Childrens Home was a great first project for us at Lankan Tech Kids.

Written by Malin Granlund