We made it! First project goal accomplished

Malin and Maria stopped by the Gunasakera Children’s Home in Colombo to meet with the girls and check out the computer lab a couple of weeks ago. Finally we got to see the new computer lab with our own eyes!

Seven laptop computers were donated from a Swedish company and handed over in early spring 2018. Mouses, a printer and a projector were purchased and Office MS has been installed.

This is a big upgrade for the computer lab that previously only had 1 old computer!

In May 2018, IT teacher Indira Giragama, was hired to come and train the girls on a weekly basis. The girls are divided in two groups separated by age and each group get about 1,5 h training every week.

Since May the girls has been practicing softwares like Word and PowerPoint and now Excel. Furthermore they have been learning the fundamentals of how to navigate a computer, how to store and save files and the basics of internet navigation.

After each learning module there’s a test to make sure all girls are developing. Indira, the teacher, is doing an amazing job keeping track of all girls and make sure to talk to the girls about their dreams about their future.

Indiria complies a regular report that’s sent to Gunsakera and to us, for us to understand the girls progress.

When asked if she thinks this is beneficial for the girls she says ”Of course! The first question you get when applying for a job in Sri Lanka is ”How computer savvy are you?” Since there are no computer in the public schools this is their only opportunity to practice handling an computer”

The weekly IT training is funded up until February 2019. Right now we’re fundraising for the course to continue throughout 2019.

Please support the project and help the girls develop skills that will be a game changer for their future and work life! 

All donations are handled by the accredited charity organisation “Sri Lankas Barns Vänner”.

Postgiro:  90 01 39-7

Swish:  123 900 13 97

IMPORTANT: mark any transaction “Lankan Tech Kids”.

If you’re not a Swedish citizen you can also donate via Paypal. Please contact mariapronnback@gmail.com